Wi-Fi Alliance Announces WPA3

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Union of the largest manufacturers of computer equipment and wireless Wi-Fi devices Wi-Fi Alliance published the first details about the WPA3 data security protocol, which should replace WPA2.

The first official draft of the authentication protocol WPA3 will be available later in 2018, but the Wi-Fi Alliance has revealed four key features included in the new security standard.
The first feature is protection against brute force attacks by blocking the authentication process after multiple failed login attempts.


The second feature is the ability to use Wi-Fi devices located close to each other as a configuration panel for other devices. For example, a user will be able to use their phone or tablet to configure WPA3 Wi-Fi settings on another device that does not have a screen, such as smart light bulbs, door locks, etc.

The third function, Described as “personal data encryption,” it allows you to encrypt the connections between each device and your router or access point. The fourth feature is an improved cryptographic standard designed for Wi-Fi networks with higher security requirements, such as government, defense, and industrial production.

The first WPA3-certified devices are expected to go on sale this year. Given that devices will require new certification to use WPA3, it seems unlikely that routers or other devices will be able to start using WPA3 through firmware updates. However, this depends on the manufacturer.

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Published by: Raf Date: 09.01.2018 23:00:00